My services and offerings involve counseling and insight on the issues of strategy and innovation.

The term strategy is grossly overused. Strategy is not your mission, vision or values. Strategy is not your marketing campaign or your sales goals or your even approach for growth. Strategy is your defined position in your marketplace.

Authentic innovation is an uncommon, originating activity that leaps past mere iterative progression. Innovation offers something that is new enough that it requires a different set of activities. Great innovations confound your competition and are difficult to replicate.


All of my services focus primarily on pure strategy with a concentration on innovation opportunities.

It’s common to struggle with undefined and conflicting ideas about your strategy. We’ll use the Strategic Positioning Spectrum as a guide to determine your current Strategic Position, notate gaps and inconsistencies, and define areas that are likely to offer you the greatest positive change. The audit includes multiple in-person meetings (ideally), industry research, and documentation revealing where your organization’s activities fall on the Spectrum.

Encompassing much of the Strategic Position Audit, the Innovation Audit defines your position and current opportunities to innovate your activities, products or services. We’ll pay close attention to the activities needed for successful innovation within the The Spectrum. We’ll also document gaps and opportunities you need to position your organization for successful changes.

Combines both an audit and redefinition of you organization’s core strategy. You’ll gain an updated Strategic Position as well as an awareness of the set of activities needed to provide Fit within your organization to support your updated strategy. This is not for those merely seeking incremental updates or operational efficiencies. You’ll end up with a newly developed Strategic Position that prepares your organization to compete wisely and assertively.


This is a condensed version of the full Strategic Positioning Audit. You’ll gain a basic, foundational understanding of your true strategic positioning. Plus, we’ll document where your organization’s activities fall within the Spectrum. It’s a great way to get started with rethinking your strategy and approach.

INNOVATION WORKSHOP (half-day/$600, full-day/$800)

This workshop takes your team through the basics of the Strategic Positioning Spectrum. You’ll achieve a better understanding of your current strategy and a greater awareness of how you fit into your competitive marketplace. We’ll also uncover some high-level threats facing your business or industry. This session is highly participatory and engaging. It’s a strong way to energize your leadership team to focus on innovation strategy.

Travel costs, if applicable, are not included in fee estimates.


The Strategic Web is an independent consultancy focused on innovation strategy. I help businesses and organizations develop strategies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and progress out of static practices.

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